Announcing the General Availability of Traefik Hub 1.0

Traefik Hub 1.0 enables anyone to quickly and securely publish Kubernetes or Docker containers using Traefik or Nginx.

traefik hub 1.0 is in general availability

In June, we announced the beta of Traefik Hub, a cloud native networking platform that helps publish and secure containers instantly, at scale. We have been delighted by the early traction it has received, with over 6,000 users so far. Today, we are thrilled to announce the general availability of Traefik Hub 1.0, adding exciting new capabilities.

Cloud native started making the headlines back in 2015, the same year Traefik Proxy was open sourced. Being a strong actor in cloud native adoption, Traefik Proxy has achieved great success, surpassing 3 billion downloads and 40k Github stars. It revolutionizes cloud native networking for containerized applications by providing dynamic application-aware traffic management and deep integration with all the major container orchestrators.

Today, as the cloud native ecosystem becomes more mature and adoption continues to accelerate, organizations still face pressing challenges coming from the multiplication of clusters and the need to extend traffic management up to the edge. That’s why we created Traefik Hub, a unified cloud native networking platform to ease the publication and security of containers to the edge, at scale.

What is Traefik Hub

Traefik Hub is an integrated and automated solution that provides a gateway to your containers, whether they run in Kubernetes or Docker and on top of Traefik or Nginx. Traefik Hub makes it easy for experts and non-experts alike to publish and secure applications and services to third parties in minutes. Traefik Hub comes with an array of capabilities designed to simplify cloud native networking at scale.

the architecture of traefik hub

Publish and connect services with tunneling

Traefik Hub makes it seamless to publish and expose any application to the internet, to be accessible from anywhere. Users just deploy a lightweight agent in their environment that connects to Traefik Hub’s cloud-based control plane. By selecting a port (or letting Traefik Hub auto-detect it) and an Access Control Policy, the service will be published within seconds and will have a DNS name accessible from anywhere on the internet through a secured tunnel. New and existing services can be instantly published at the edge, and be usable without complex network configurations.

Secure your services at scale

It goes without saying that security remains a fundamental requirement for all modern applications, and that’s why we kept security top of mind when building Traefik Hub.

Traefik Hub connects with agents via a private and encrypted tunnel. Traefik Hub automates Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate management with flexibility. It also makes it easy to add access control to your services exposed with Traefik or Nginx with industry standards such as JWT or OIDC. Traefik Hub makes it extremely easy to adopt a modern access control approach without changing your tech stack or redeploying your services.

Facilitate collaboration

Cloud native networking skills are sparse despite their high demand. Integrated solutions that don’t require years of experience to operate and enable cross-team collaboration are key. Traefik Hub is a centralized networking control plane and comes with workspaces providing advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC).

Automate at scale with GitOps support

Without repeatable cycles, teams cannot increase the deployment frequency or predictability. Traefik Hub enables full GitOps automation, so teams can install, configure and manage their cloud native networking stack with Hub acting as the control plane. Full automation comes with auditability to ensure they can identify when and why problems occur and collect evidence for post-mortems.

Get started today

The general availability of Traefik Hub is just another beginning, and we can’t wait for you to explore everything Traefik Hub has to offer. You can already create a free account and install the open source Hub agent in your cluster. From there, you can let Hub discover, publish, and secure your services easily and almost instantly.

If you plan to visit KubeCon, make sure to drop by booth S13! You can also sign up for our upcoming webinar that will take place on November 3rd.

Be sure to keep an eye out for future Traefik Hub versions, which will only make Kubernetes and Docker networking simpler.

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