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Traefik Ambassador Application

What is a Traefik Ambassador?

Traefik Ambassadors are individuals who are dedicated to open source software, knowledgeable about using Traefik Labs products, and who wish to publicly champion its benefits to other developers.

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Direct Access

  • Invitation to the private Quarterly Ambassador Roundtable held with leadership and other Traefik Ambassadors offering insights into the roadmap, configuration improvements, and open discussion
  • Invitation to the private Discord Server with the global Traefik Ambassador Community
  • Direct access to the Traefik developer team
Direct Access
Valuable Rewards

Valuable Rewards

  • Free Traefik Enterprise License
  • Traefik Ambassador Certificate
  • Custom made Traefik Ambassador swag package, including a shirt, hoodie, and stickers
  • Free enrollment to the Traefik Training Course by The Byte

Get Noticed

  • Opportunity to start a Global Traefik Meetup group (paid for and promoted by Traefik Labs) in your part of the world
  • Opportunities to write Traefik Ambassador blog posts to be hosted on
  • Opportunities to present at Traefik Online Meetups, promoted and featured by Traefik Labs
Get Noticed

What We Ask

  • To be present at the Quarterly Roundtable to the best of your ability
  • Participate in Traefik Labs community initiatives such as providing feedback to the User Survey, occasional polls or surveys about product development, and being active at the Roundtables
  • Active engagement in the community

Get involved!

  • On social media

    On social media

    Share expertise about Traefik on social media, tagging Traefik

  • On Discord

    On Discord

    Check in and communicate in the Discord server

  • With posts or videos

    With posts or videos

    Write personal blogs or make video tutorials about Traefik

  • With code

    With code

    Contribute code to any of the Traefik Labs product suite

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