Compare Open Source vs. Enterprise

Traefik Proxy offers ultimate flexibility and ease of use for individuals and teams running non-mission-critical applications.

Traefik Enterprise brings out of the box high availability and security features necessary for mission critical application workloads, and includes 24/7 support for organizations.

Open Source
Traefik Enterprise
Annual Subscription
All-in-one Ingress, Mesh and API management
Ingress management
Service Mesh: service-to-service communication
API Gateway
API Portal
Traffic Management
HTTP, HTTP/2, TCP, UDP, Websockets, gRPC
Canary deployments
Active health checks
Middlewares (circuit breakers, automatic retries, buffering, response compression, headers)
Custom middlewares through public and private plugins
Distributed in-flight request limiting
Distributed rate limiting (per-IP, per-host, per-header)
Availability & Scalability
One line cluster deployment through CLI
Controllers & proxies resilience
Scalability (adaptive scale out)
Distributed in-flight request
Backup & Restore
OpenID Connect (OIDC)
JWT authentication
LDAP authentication
Open Policy Agent (OPA)
oAuth2 authentication
HMAC authentication
Automatic HTTPS
Distributed Let's Encrypt
Unlimited Let's Encrypt certificates
Multi-cluster Let’s Encrypt agent
Custom rate limiting (Let’s Encrypt)
Custom certificates
Encrypted cluster communication
Vault (by Hashicorp) support
Cluster-wide dashboard
Proxies health check
Distributed tracing (Jaeger, Open Tracing, Zipkin)
Real-time traffic metrics (Datadog, Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, StatsD)
Cloud Native Migration
Hybrid routing (legacy and cloud-native)
Legacy infrastructure support
Progressive migration model
GitOps-workflow ready
Support services
Community forum
Business days & 24/7 support options
Direct access to the Traefik expert team
Dedicated support team helps you manage and maintain your environment
Get notifications about new releases, updates, and fixes

Loved & Trusted by Leading Enterprises Worldwide

Ebay Classifieds Group
Condé Nast
credit suisse
ovh cloud
New Relic
Rocket Chat
Holiday Check
Virginia Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions?

Can I try Traefik Enterprise?

Absolutely. You can start your 30-day trial here.

How does your pricing work?

We have a simple pricing model based on the number of proxy instances and the criticality of your environment.

Do you provide special prices for startup companies?

Yes, we do have special prices for early-stage startups. Please contact us to know more.

Is Traefik Enterprise compatible with both legacy and cloud-native applications?

Yes, Traefik Enterprise is designed for cloud-native applications and compatible with legacy applications.

Still have questions?

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