Dynamic Docker Swarm Ingress

Highly available and scalable load balancing, routing, and automatic service discovery for Docker Swarm and Docker Enterprise deployments.

Docker Swarm Ingress
Integrated with the most popular cloud technologies
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Why use Traefik Enterprise in your Docker Swarm environment?

Traefik Enterprise provides a powerful load-balancing and ingress proxy solution for Docker Swarm and Docker Enterprise. Traefik for Swarm clusters is easy to use, seamlessly updates routes without dropping traffic, and delivers broad protocol support with built-in observability and control capabilities in a single product. Traefik Enterprise also offers a more flexible and reliable solution for Docker Interlock users.


Powerful Traffic Management for Docker Swarm with Traefik Enterprise

Traefik Enterprise controller containers--shown here in a high-availability configuration on Swarm worker nodes––query the Docker Engine API endpoint published on the Universal Control Plane to discover the disposition of backend services in the cluster. The controllers automatically update the routing configuration on the proxies as service deployment changes.

Traefik Enterprise proxy containers--also deployed in a high-availability configuration––route incoming requests to backend services. Both the control plane and the data plane may be scaled independently.

In a Swarm cluster without Docker Enterprise, Traefik Enterprise controllers are installed directly on manager nodes to access the Docker Engine API.

Powerful Traffic Management for Docker Swarm with Traefik Enterprise

Traefik Enterprise Features and Benefits

Simplify load balancing complexity

  • Dynamic configuration. Automatically discover and map all services.
  • Fast and simple. Ready in minutes, from instant bootstrap to serving production traffic.
  • Advanced traffic management. Flexible layer 4 and layer 7 routing plus enterprise capabilities like authentication, distributed rate limiting, circuit breakers, and retries.
Simplify load balancing complexity
Get complete cluster visibility

Get complete cluster visibility

  • Monitoring. Track the health of your applications through automated collection of metrics.
  • Tracing. Visualize all application flows in your infrastructure.
  • Built-in dashboard. View your deployment configuration with real-time traffic metrics.
  • Full integration. Use your favorite cloud-native observability tools (Datadog, Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, StatsD, Jaeger, Open Tracing, Zipkin)

Ensure continuous uptime

  • High availability. Fault-tolerant control and data planes ensure your applications are always available and safe.
  • Scalability. Independently scalable control and data planes efficiently expand and contract with traffic load.
  • Zero downtime. Use cluster mirrors, blue-green, and canary deployments for zero-downtime updates.
Ensure continuous uptime
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