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API Gateway 101

What is an API Gateway?

An API gateway sits between your backend services and API clients. It processes API requests, at scale, validates them, adds authentication and authorization, applies rate limiting, and routes them to the proper backend.

API gateways are becoming increasingly popular as a way to decouple the client and server components of an application. This separation of concerns allows developers to update and maintain their backend services without affecting the client-side code. API gateways also enable developers to scale their services independently, making it easier to handle high traffic levels.

What is an API Gateway?
Why API Gateways are Essential for Microservices

Why API Gateways are Essential for Microservices

In order to build scalable, secure, and maintainable applications, you need to be agile. API gateways centralize security and routing in a single component, allowing you to better handle cross-cutting concerns such as access control, rate limiting, and analytics. API gateways make it easier to enforce security policies, optimize performance across multiple services, and track usage for security or billing.


What You Should Expect from an API Gateway

Below are three primary benefits to expect:


API gateways should simplify security management by centralizing access control, API call validation, and rate limiting, as well as automate TLS certificate management.


By centralizing API call validation and rate limiting, you harden your IT estate to maximize uptime and lower your attack surface.


API gateways help you decouple the client and server components of an application, abstract the implementation of backend services, automate manual tasks, and handle cross-cutting concerns.

Video: Centralizing Authentication with the API Gateway Model

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Why Use Traefik Enterprise as Your API Gateway?

Built on top of developer’s #1 open source API gateway, Traefik Enterprise delivers a GitOps-ready solution for maximizing efficiency, repeatability, and reliability. It’s built for the modern cloud native stack and comes with a developer portal and a full set of analytics to track usage.

Secure, Authenticate, and Authorize

Publish and connect your services right from the moment they’re deployed. Then offload the complexity of authentication and authorization to the API Gateway.

  • HTTP, HTTP/2, TCP, UDP, Websockets, gRPC
  • Distributed Let’s Encrypt
  • OIDC, LDAP, JWT, HMAC, & OAuth2
  • HashiCorp Vault integration
Secure, Authenticate, and Authorize
Accelerate Traffic Management

Accelerate Traffic Management

Support application deployment at scale with advanced features for traffic management and load balancing.

  • Traffic mirroring
  • Blue / Green & Canary deployments
  • Stickiness
  • Active health checks
  • Middlewares (circuit breakers, retries, buffering...)
  • Distributed rate limiting & in-flight request limiting

Streamline Traffic Observability

Get real-time traffic metrics and analysis for rapid troubleshooting and better insights into the health of your microservices.

  • Cluster-wide dashboard
  • Distributed tracing (Jaeger, Open Tracing, Zipkin)
  • Support for third-party monitoring (Datadog, Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, StatsD)
  • GitOps workflow ready
  • Embedded caches
  • Developer portal with OpenAPI (Swagger) support
Streamline Traffic Observability


AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

“We’re really, really impressed by the capability of Traefik Enterprise.”

Maciej Miechowicz
SVP of Enterprise Architecture, AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation

“Everything is mostly automated, and we maintain functionalities that our developers and operators rarely see because they just work.”

Thomas Ornell
Principal System Engineer at ABAX
Adeo Services

“With Traefik Enterprise, we can scale as needed without watching our performance suffer.”

Franck De Graeve
Lead Technical Architect, Global Tech & Data Platform, Adeo Services
#1 Among the Competition in:
  • Ease of Use
  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Admin
  • Quality Support
  • Product Direction
G2 Reviews Score 4.5 Stars
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The Architecture of Traefik Enterprise

Traefik Enterprise is an easy-to-use, centralized cloud native networking solution. It allows you to manage API validation, routing, load balancing, authentication, authorization, service discovery and configuration, and more. Traefik Enterprise is compatible with any environment and networking stack.

Traefik Enterprise architecture
Supported Environments

First-Class API Gateway for Enterprise-Grade Deployments

Orchestration and Virtualization

  • Kubernetes
  • Docker Swarm
  • ECS
  • Nomad
  • Virtual Machines


  • Public Clouds
  • Private Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds
  • Multi-cloud
  • On Premise

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