Traefik’s Kubernetes Ingress Controller for Businesses

Simplify networking, secure your APIs, and reduce the costs of managing your microservices with a dynamic, production-ready Kubernetes Ingress routing solution.

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What is a Kubernetes Ingress Controller?

Kubernetes offers multiple ways to route traffic from the outside world to Kubernetes clusters. The most flexible option is to define an ingress resource that declares HTTP/S endpoints and user-defined routing rules. Each ingress resource is associated with an ingress controller responsible for fulfilling those rules within the Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes ingress controller architecture
Capabilities of a business-ready Kubernetes ingress controller

Kubernetes Ingress Controllers Built for Business

A Kubernetes Ingress needs an ingress controller to operate. But not all ingress controllers are created equal, and choosing the right one for your project is key.

At minimum, enterprise-grade ingress controllers should dynamically adjust routing based on your Ingress rules. Additionally, businesses should expect their ingress controllers to simplify deployments, HTTPS certificate management, authN and authZ management, and advanced load balancing, as well as provide middleware customization and 24/7 support.


Built on top of the wildly popular open source Traefik Proxy

Traefik Enterprise saves business time and money by simplifying connectivity through an all-in-one networking stack.

Reduced Complexity

Dynamic service discovery, simple configuration.

Increased Visibility

Centralized control and monitoring of Kubernetes clusters.

Flexible Routing

Support for any routing protocol, HTTP cache support, reusable configuration sources.

Automated HTTPS

Automated, distributed Let’s Encrypt certificate management, custom certificates.

Simplified Security

LDAP, JWT, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, HMAC, and Vault support, distributed rate limiting, etc.

Highly Available by Design

Dispersed architecture and custom middleware for automated deployment, built-in redundancy, reliability at scale.

13 Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Ingress Controller

13 Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Ingress Controller


AmeriSave Mortgage

“We’re amazed at how well Traefik Enterprise works. It would not be possible to rollback applications that misbehave instantly without Traefik Enterprise.”

Maciej Miechowicz
SVP of Enterprise Architecture, AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation
Adeo Services

“Traefik Enterprise is easy to configure and scale. We have more than 50 clusters, and it is now effortless to manage… We can scale as needed without watching our performance suffer.”

Franck De Graeve
Lead Technical Architect, Global Tech & Data Platform, Adeo Services
Expedia Group

“Traefik pretty much supports itself. There isn’t much support that we require, things just work. I absolutely recommend Traefik.”

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Distinguished Engineer, Expedia Group
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The Architecture of Traefik’s Kubernetes Ingress Controller for Business

Traefik Enterprise combines ingress control with API management and service mesh in one simple control plane. The ingress controller installs as one or more pods of controllers, ingress proxies, and mesh proxies in your Kubernetes cluster to automatically discover and update proxy routing configuration.

Traefik Enterprise Kubernetes ingress controller architecture
Supported Environments

First-Class Ingress For Enterprise Kubernetes

Kubernetes Distributions

  • Kubernetes
  • K3s
  • OpenShift
  • EKS
  • GKE
  • AKS


  • Public Clouds
  • Private Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds
  • On Premise

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