Kubernetes Ingress

A centralized routing solution for your Kubernetes deployments.
Multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud, and on-premises.

kuberetes ingress

What is Kubernetes Ingress?

Kubernetes offers multiple ways to route traffic from the outside world to a Kubernetes cluster. The most flexible option is to define an Ingress resource that declares HTTP/S endpoints and user-defined routing rules. Each Ingress resource is associated with an Ingress Controller responsible for fulfilling those rules.

Deploying Traefik as your Kubernetes Ingress Controller brings Traefik’s power, flexibility, and ease of use to your Kubernetes deployments as well as the rest of your network infrastructure.

"Traefik is a high-performance solution that allows us to give control to our development team over their ingress without having to operate complex configurations - We use Traefik as our Ingress solution for all of our Kubernetes clusters."

Josh Michielsen
Senior Software Engineer at Condé Nast International

Traefik’s Kubernetes Ingress Architecture

Traefik installs as one or more pods of controllers, ingress proxies, and mesh proxies in your Kubernetes cluster.
Controllers query the Kubernetes API server to automatically discover and update proxy routing configuration.

Why use Traefik Ingress Controller for Kubernetes?

Advanced routing

Advanced routing

Traefik is a modern, full-featured router with powerful capabilities out of the box

  • Route any protocol––HTTP & HTTPS, TCP, UDP, Websockets, gRPC––through the same or different endpoints

  • Flexible routing rules on headers, host, method, path, and query

  • Out of the box HTTP cache support, on any route

  • Rich quality of service control and traffic manipulation middleware

  • Automatic certificate management

  • Multiple, reusable configuration sources

Reduced complexity, increased visibility and control

Reduced complexity, increased visibility and control

Created to make complex, dynamic, cloud-native environments simple and easy to use, Traefik brings that same power and control to Kubernetes. This results in providing the insights necessary to understand what’s happening across all of your deployments, enabling you to take decisive action from day one:

  • Dynamic service discovery

  • Embedded dashboard

  • Built-in support for the most widely-used distributed tracing, monitoring, and logging tools

  • Centralized control of Kubernetes clusters in the cloud and on-premises

  • Integrated GitOps workflow, from deployment to configuration

  • Centralized API Portal



Security has been at the forefront of Traefik’s design since its inception, bringing a rich set of security capabilities to your Kubernetes apps:

  • Automatic HTTPS

  • Encrypted cluster communication

  • Custom certificates

  • Multiple authentication protocols including LDAP, JWT, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, HMAC, and third-party delegation

  • Distributed Let’s Encrypt support with unlimited certificates

  • Distributed, custom rate limiting and in-flight request caps

  • Vault support

High Availability at Scale

High Availability at Scale

Traefik Enterprise’s clustered control plane and independently scalable data plane pairs highly available service discovery with scalable throughput:

  • Automatic cluster deployment

  • Clustered controllers deployable in multiple nodes for high availability of service discovery and configuration

  • Scale out proxy pods to meet increased throughput demands

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