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Publishing and securing your containers has never been easier.

What is Traefik Hub?

Traefik Hub is a cloud native networking platform that helps publish and secure containers at the edge instantly. Traefik Hub provides a gateway to your services running on Kubernetes or other orchestrators.



Deploy Hub container, select your services, and get secured public access to your containers in seconds.



Access your containers through secured tunnels, deploy industry-standard authentication, and automate TLS certificate management.



Start with a single Kubernetes or Docker cluster and seamlessly scale to multiple clusters within your centralized Hub dashboard.

How Does Traefik Hub Work?

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Key Features

One-Click Service Publication

Being accessible anywhere at the edge has never been easier. For each published service, Traefik Hub provides a unique DNS Name that can be used immediately to access the container from anywhere on the Internet.

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Secure Tunnels

Traefik Hub connects to your clusters over a private, encrypted tunnel. Utilizing the tunnel allows you to publish your containers for external access, without worrying about complex and insecure public IP or NAT configurations.

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Automated Certificate Management

Traefik Hub will request, renew, and propagate ACME certificates to all of your clusters so that all services maintain a consistent security configuration.

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Flexible Access Control

Protect and secure access to your services, regardless of which orchestrators you use. Traefik Hub supports JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Basic Auth.

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Centralized Multi-Cluster Dashboard

Easily visualize all information about all your clusters, their configuration, and inbound traffic for service performance and health within a single pane of glass.

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Get started in minutes


Create an account


Install the Traefik Hub agent


Publish your services instantly

Technical Specifications

Supported Orchestrator Platforms

  • Any Kubernetes distribution
  • Docker
  • Docker Swarm

Supported Ingress Controllers

  • Traefik Proxy version 2.8

Internal technology used

  • Let’s Encrypt
  • Connection multiplexing
  • Secured tunneling
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Traefik Hub: How to publish and secure your containers instantly

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