Traefik Hub - The industry’s first Kubernetes-native API Management solution

Traefik Hub - The industry’s first Kubernetes-native API Management solution

Your APIs deserve better

Publishing, Securing, and Managing your APIs has never been easier.

What is Traefik Hub?

Traefik Hub is the industry’s first Kubernetes-native API Management solution for publishing, securing, and managing APIs.

Purpose-built for K8s environments and GitOps workflows, Traefik Hub drastically simplifies and accelerates the API lifecycle management, so organizations experience quick time to value, unleash workforce productivity, and can focus on building great applications.

What Makes Traefik Hub Unique

Embrace K8s Principles

  • No vendor lock-in with support for third-party ingress controllers
  • Kubernetes-native architecture: lightweight, modular, and declarative
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing API lifecycle management toolchain

Achieve Operational Excellence

  • Full GitOps compliance to ensure auditability, repeatability, and revertability
  • Fully declarative through Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs)
  • End-to-end observability with OpenTelemetry

Experience Predictable Pricing

  • Simplest, most predictable, and friendly pricing model
  • Pricing per Kubernetes node, not per API call or bandwidth
  • Pay as you “Grow” Model

Watch Traefik Hub in Action

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Key Capabilities of Traefik Hub

Kubernetes-native API Gateway for Advanced Ingress Capabilities

Engineered for simplicity and power, Traefik Hub offers a fully-featured, yet lightweight API Gateway tailored for Kubernetes environments. It’s not just about ingress configuration—expect advanced access control, enterprise-level features, and access to a wide array of plugins and middleware that our customers love and trust. This ensures a familiar yet elevated experience for all our users and creates a seamless transition for current Traefik Proxy OSS enthusiasts eager to explore enhanced API management capabilities.

  • Centralized Security & Access Control (OIDC, OAuth, etc.)
  • Enterprise-grade Scalability (Distributed Rate Limiting, Let’s Encrypt, etc.)
  • Vendor Integrations (Keycloak, Okta, HashiCorp Vault*, Azure Key Vault)
*Coming soon

Publish, Secure, and Manage Any API

Managing APIs becomes hassle-free. Wherever they are hosted, you can publish, secure and manage them simply from their URLs or leverage the built-in auto-discovery to catalog all available Kubernetes microservices. Regardless of the Kubernetes distribution, across hybrid, multi-cloud, or edge environments, or your choice of ingress controller, Traefik Hub lets you manage APIs at scale, the Kubernetes-native and fully declarative way. Traefik Hub's full GitOps compliance further ensures deployment standardization, speed, and compliance.

  • Real-time and dynamic service discovery in Kubernetes to prevent rogue APIs, with simple URL referencing for external APIs
  • Flexible API grouping and versioning with rate-limiting and security controls
  • Fully GitOps compliant, 100% declarative, and CRDs-driven operations

Self-serve API Portal for Developers

Traefik Hub API portal provides API owners and administrators complete freedom to organize their API assets through both point-and-click and GitOps (fully declarative, CRD-based) mechanisms. In addition, the developer-friendly API portal offers vital self-serve capabilities such as API discovery, documentation, testing, and access control along with error and usage analytics.

  • Portal RBAC (role-based access control)
  • OpenAPI Specifications (OAS) 3 support
  • Customizable API Developer Portal with white label support

Central Control Plane for Unified Management and Observability

Traefik Hub's central control plane offers a single management point for all APIs, users, and infrastructure components, thereby reducing errors & inconsistencies while maximizing operational efficiency. API owners and Developers get a single source of truth to manage and observe the adoption, performance and security of their most valuable API assets.

  • Industry-Leading OpenTelemetry Support with Detailed Metrics
  • Error Prevention via Linters and Human-Readable Reports
  • Event Correlation with Git Actions for Targeted Rollback

Functional Overview

Traefik Hub delivers secured and centrally managed API Portals and API Gateways for internal developers and partners.

Traefik Hub Functional Overview

High Level Architecture

The Traefik Hub centralized control plane manages the API environment through a distributed, lightweight, yet fully-featured Kubernetes-native API gateway running as the data plane inside each Kubernetes cluster.

Traefik Hub High Level Architecture
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