All-in-one ingress controller, API gateway, and service mesh

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What is Traefik Enterprise?

Traefik Enterprise is a unified cloud-native networking solution that brings ingress control, API gateway, and Service Mesh all together in one simple control plane. Traefik Enterprise eases microservices networking complexity for developers and operations teams across the organization.

Built on top of open source Traefik Proxy and Traefik Mesh, Traefik Enterprise brings exclusive all-in-one, highly-available, scalable, and distributed features combined with premium bundled support for production grade deployments.

With hybrid support for both legacy and cloud-native applications, Traefik Enterprise is the best solution to help companies migrate progressively and safely to a microservices platform.

Enterprise 24/7 support
Enterprise 24/7 support

Direct access to the Traefik core team


Ingress Controller

Incoming traffic management based on open-source Traefik

API Gateway

API Gateway

Manage, secure, accelerate, and monitor APIs and services

Service mesh

Service Mesh

Service to service communication based on open-source Traefik Mesh

Ebay Classifieds

"We needed an advanced load balancer and an API Gateway for advanced routing to control traffic flow with flexible configuration and automation capabilities. Traefik gives us flexibility and avoid any vendor lock-in."

Wim Fournier

Site Reliability Engineer


"We like the simplicity of Traefik. We love the Traefik architecture, it’s fast and robust. That’s why infrastructure teams love it."

Alex Antonov

Distinguished Engineer

Traefik Enterprise Features

All-in-one Ingress, Mesh and API management

All-in-one ingress controller, API gateway, and service mesh

  • Ingress management

  • API Gateway

  • API Portal

  • Service Mesh: service-to-service communication

Traffic Management with Traefik Enterprise

Traffic Management

  • HTTP, HTTP/2, TCP, UDP, Websockets, GRPC

  • Mirroring

  • Canary deployments

  • Stickiness

  • Active health checks

  • Middlewares (circuit breakers, automatic retries, HTTP cache, buffering, response compression, headers)

  • Custom middlewares through public and private plugins

  • Distributed in-flight request limiting

  • Distributed rate limiting (per-IP, per-host, per-header)

Highly available & scalable load balancer and Kubernetes ingress

Availability & Scalability

  • One line cluster deployment through CLI

  • Controllers & proxies resilience

  • Scalability (adaptive scale out)

  • Connection draining for progressive updates

  • Backup & Restore

Load balancer and Kubernetes ingress with authentication and encryption


  • OpenID Connect (OIDC)

  • JWT authentication

  • LDAP authentication

  • Open Policy Agent (OPA)

  • oAuth2 authentication

  • HMAC authentication

  • Automatic HTTPS

  • Distributed Let's Encrypt

  • Unlimited Let’s Encrypt certificates

  • Multi-cluster Let’s Encrypt agent

  • Custom certificates

  • Encrypted cluster communication

  • Vault (by Hashicorp) support



  • Cluster-wide dashboard

  • Proxies health check

  • Distributed tracing (Jaeger, Open Tracing, Zipkin)

  • Real-time traffic metrics (Datadog, Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, StatsD)

Cloud Native Migration

Cloud Native Migration

  • Hybrid routing (legacy and cloud-native)

  • Legacy infrastructure support

  • Progressive migration model

  • GitOps-workflow ready

Traefik Enterprise now includes Service Mesh

Consolidate your networking stack with an integrated and easy-to-use ingress and service mesh.

Traefik Enterprise enhanced dashboard with service mesh observability of internal east-west traffic.

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First-Class Ingress For Enterprise Kubernetes Distributions

  • Red Hat OpenShift Certified
  • Kubernetes Operator
  • D2IQ official partner

Powerful cloud-native networking for ingress and service mesh

Split into ingress proxies, mesh proxies, and controllers, Traefik Enterprise supports clustered deployments to increase security, scalability and high availability.

Ingress proxies are worker nodes that accept requests from the external network and forward them to services running on the cluster, based on custom rule definitions and behaviors.

Mesh proxies manage internal communications between services on the cluster so that they can work together, while providing such features as inter-service authentication, rate limiting, and traffic splitting.

Controllers query the network infrastructure to generate the appropriate routing configuration, which they then distribute to the proxy nodes. Controllers also store all data about the cluster, which can be accessed via an API.

All Traefik Enterprise node types can be scaled horizontally by adding more nodes. Together, they form a high-availability cluster that maintains its own health autonomously.

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Run Everywhere, Integrate Everything

Run Everywhere, Integrate Everything

Deploy applications anywhere, on-premises or in the cloud, and natively integrate with leading infrastructure tooling.

Simplify Apps Modernization

Simplify Apps Modernization

Ease transition of legacy applications to cloud-native microservices architectures.

Reduce complexity while deploying, managing, and scaling applications with Traefik Enterprise

Reduce Complexity

Save time and give better consistency while deploying, managing, and scaling applications by leveraging dynamic and automatic Traefik Enterprise features.

Deploy applications on-premises or in the cloud with Traefik Enterprise

Complete cluster visibility

Improve the application development and delivery cycle by giving developers the visibility and ownership of their services.

Traefik Enterprise automatically connects, secures and monitors your cloud-native applications in any environment


Effortlessly map any kind of applications to infrastructure and easily scale out to meet production traffic needs.

  • Out-of-the-box ingress and service mesh
  • Auto-Discovery of services in highly dynamic environments
  • Highly Available, and Fault tolerant, ensuring your data is always available and safe
  • Highly Scalable allowing to add or shrink nodes as needed, automatically, by using auto-scaling tools
  • Cloud provider and technology agnostic
  • Fully customize your routes with Middlewares
  • Rolling out releases to a subset of users with Canary Deployments
  • Fork incoming requests and send it to different services with Mirroring
  • An internal provider to configure additional routers, services and middleware outside of your orchestrator
Connect any applications to infrastructure with Traefik Enterprise
End-to-end network and application encryption with Traefik Enterprise


Put security at the forefront with end-to-end network and application encryption.

  • Run your application over HTTPS
  • Let’s Encrypt support to automatically manage certificates
  • Custom certificates integration
  • Encrypted communications between nodes, and separated responsibilities to ensure reliable security
  • Access control and authorization with LDAP, JWT and OIDC support


End-to-end visibility for better insight into application uptime and performance; simplify operations and troubleshooting with real-time observability in dynamic environments.

  • Dashboard to visualize your cluster nodes status and configuration, and real-time traffic metrics
  • Traffic management with distributed features like Rate limiting, Circuit breakers, and Retries
  • Track health of your web applications through automated collections of metrics
  • Tracing system to visualize applications flows in your infrastructure
Simplify operations and troubleshooting with Traefik Enterprise

Traefik Enterprise Ecosystem


red hat open shift
Amazon ECS
Cloud Services
microsoft azure
Amazon ECS
google cloud

Service Discovery

Amazon DynamoDB

Supported Protocols

Let's encrypt


Influx Data
grafana labs


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