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Open Source Traefik Proxy Major Release Adds Support for Popular Technologies Crucial for Cloud-Native Applications

Traefik Proxy v3 Release Candidate adds support for WebAssembly, OpenTelemetry, Kubernetes Gateway API.

SAN FRANCISCO, February 14, 2024 – Traefik Labs, a global leader in cloud-native API gateway solutions, today announced the first Release Candidate for Traefik Proxy v3, its widely adopted open-source project that now adds support for popular, emerging technologies – WebAssembly (Wasm), OpenTelemetry, and Kubernetes Gateway API.

With more than 3 billion downloads, ranked in the Top 15 on Docker Hub, 45,000 GitHub stars, and a five-year streak as the #1 API Gateway according to, Traefik Proxy delivers key new features with v3.

The Wasm support – increasingly popular for serverless and containerized applications – is a contribution from the user community, and offers high-performance, language-agnostic plugins and extensions, making Traefik Proxy highly portable and customizable for diverse cloud-native environments.

The main contributor, Jesse Haka, cloud architect at Finnish telecommunications company Elisa, said, “Our company has been using Traefik extensively within many Kubernetes production deployments. We are eager to deploy this new major release of Traefik to unlock Wasm and OpenTelemetry support which are key technologies that open new possibilities for us.”

Jose Carlos Chavez, co-leader of the Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) Coraza project, said, "This is a major step towards a low friction extensibility story for Traefik as it brings broader plugins into its growing ecosystem while providing a great developer experience with plugins that can be written in different languages and compiled directly into Wasm."

The integration of Open Telemetry for performance monitoring provides a standard format for logging metrics and tracing, providing users with visibility to help with troubleshooting and optimizing performance.

The added Gateway API support in Kubernetes delivers a standardized way to manage and configure Layer 4 and Layer 7 routing in Kubernetes.

Plus, the transition process from the previous v2 to the new v3 has been streamlined, by ensuring backward compatibility with v2 syntax while offering a progressive path for adopting the v3 syntax.

"In today’s world of cloud-native applications, application proxies play a crucial role routing and balancing network traffic while delivering high-availability and security," said Emile Vauge, founder and chief technology officer, Traefik Labs. "This new major release makes Traefik Proxy more accessible and powerful than ever before as a vital part of the modern cloud-native application stack."

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