Traefik Enterprise Edition 1.2 is out!

October 15, 2019

With OpenShift compatibility, more distributed features, improved operations, and more.

Today, we’re happy to announce the availability of TraefikEE 1.2. This minor version was driven by customers feedback, and keeps improving clustering features while adding support for more platforms.

Traefik Enterprise Edition is a platform built on top of Traefik, designed for business-critical deployments. It adds clustering features to satisfy the needs of enterprise customers.

OpenShift Compatibility

Because Traefik has always been about compatibility with every platform, TraefikEE follows the same path and is now OpenShift ready! We’re also actively working with RedHat on the certification process.

With this new step, we keep giving our customers more choices for their infrastructure.

Distributed features

Thanks to its clustered architecture, TraefikEE allowed us to provide distributed rate limiting, and 1.2 introduces distributed connection limiting.

The goal of these distributed features is to keep the configuration simple, yet scalable. Whatever the number of data planes you’ve deployed, the configuration stays the same — even with hundreds of Traefik instances on your cluster, your backend will only receive the given number of simultaneous requests.



A small tweak that makes administrators’ day easier, the traefikee and traefikeectl CLIs now allow users to list the certificates within their clusters, and they’re also able to add ACME accounts directly from TraefikEE backup files.

Installation on DockerEE

The whole installation of TraefikEE can now be done using the traefikeectl tool, as opposed to having to manually deploy compose files in the version 1.1. This makes it much more convenient as well as much faster to install. Take a look at the documentation for more information on DockerEE installs.

What’s next?

The next logical step will be to integrate Traefik 2.0 into TraefikEE and bring with it every feature… and hopefully much more!

Try it now!

Get a free one month trial right now, and install TraefikEE on your favorite environment by following the installation guides.

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