The Complete Traefik Training Course

November 3, 2020

Hi! My name is Brian Christner—Docker Captain, Traefik Ambassador, DevOps professional, and the creator of the Complete Traefik Training Course. I’m happy to announce that theByte, in collaboration with Traefik Labs, has created a full in-depth Traefik Training course.

We created this course to help you get up to speed quickly configuring and deploying Traefik. This course provides real-world examples, hands-on labs, and guided lessons in order for you to fully immerse yourself with all the features available with the Traefik Proxy. The aim of the course is to help you get up and running with Traefik.

Maybe you are already familiar with Traefik or just getting started. The Traefik Training course guides you through a tour of the available features, use cases, and answers a lot of the "Why?" questions you may have.

Why Traefik Training?

Traefik is an amazing tool. I’ve been using it for over three years now and immersed myself in the project as a contributor—using it both for personal and customer projects. However, I have received consistent feedback from customers and users requesting a Traefik Training course to walk through configuration, deployment, and operating Traefik and an explanation of why certain things behave and configured.  Based on the feedback we created the Traefik Training course.  

The Traefik documentation is a great place to start. The Traefik Training course extends the documentation with a guided tour on how best to use Traefik to fully understand the potential for your use case.

What will you learn?

The Traefik Training course contains over 5 hours of lessons, 20+ hands-on labs, and a ton of real-world experience from deploying the Traefik Proxy for real-world projects built into the course. The course covers the background of Traefik,  getting started with Traefik, configuration, deployment, and Day 2 operations.

What you'll get:

✅  A robust course RECOMMENDED by Traefik Labs!

📹  Videos: Over 5 hours of course material

🥼  LABS: More than 20+ Hands-on Labs with access to code examples and templates

🚦 COLLAB: A course built in cooperation with the Traefik Labs team

🎯 LEARN: A thorough understanding of Reverse Proxies, Load Balancers, and the Traefik Architecture

💡 EXAMPLES: Deploy a Monitoring stack of Prometheus, Grafana, and Traefik

👨‍🏫 Instructor: Learn from the Pro, Brian Christner Docker Captain & Traefik Ambassador.

🔑 ACCESS: to a Private Slack Channel with engineers, professionals, and fellow students.

📊 UPDATES: Lifetime free course updates

🏆 CERTIFICATE: Certificate of completion

Course Syllabus

  • Course introduction
  • Getting Started with Traefik
  • Configure Traefik
  • Routers & Services
  • HTTPS / TLS / Let's Encrypt
  • Middlewares
  • Observability
  • Operations
  • Advanced Tips
  • Course Wrap and Next Steps

Start Learning Traefik Today

It has never been easier to learn Traefik. The Complete Traefik Training course is the perfect course to configure, deploy, and manage Traefik helping you get started, and experiencing the benefits of Traefik very quickly. The course will enable you to start connecting your workload to Traefik today.

For any questions you may have during, or after the course, please ping me on Twitter.

👉 Get Started Learning Traefik Today. Sign up here!

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