Announcing Traefik Proxy 2.8

announcing traefik proxy 2.8

Did you miss our latest release? Traefik Proxy 2.9 is now available.

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We are delighted to announce the release of Traefik Proxy 2.8! This version brings several improvements, the most exciting of which is an integration with Traefik Hub, our brand new cloud native networking platform. We are also pleased to introduce several integrations with HashiCorp Consul and Nomad. Keep reading to learn more about Traefik Proxy 2.8.

HashiCorp Consul Full Namespace Support

Traefik Proxy 2.6 introduced support for Consul Enterprise and the HashiCorp Cloud Platform (HCP). This release included an experimental implementation of the namespace feature for Consul K/V and Consul Catalog providers, making it possible to identify a single target namespace (other than the default) when connecting to Consul through Traefik Proxy.

Traefik Proxy 2.8 enhances this support by introducing a configuration key called namespaces that allows you to reference multiple target namespaces from a single provider configuration.

      - "ns1"
      - "ns2"

Note: Most Kubernetes providers (CRD, ingress, and API gateway providers) that support the namespace concept offer a configuration for multiple namespaces. With Traefik Proxy 2.8, we are replacing support for the singular configuration key (namespace) with support for multiple namespaces. The singular configuration key will remain operational until the next major Traefik Proxy release when it will be removed.

Multiple namespaces make it easy to isolate shared Traefik Proxy configuration items, such as middleware declarations and static routing of the dashboard and metrics. This is particularly useful if you are trying to deploy the same application in separate stacks. You might want to run different versions of the same application in isolation or validate a new feature with one namespace for testing and another for quality control. Traefik Proxy 2.8 allows you to watch and expose applications running on separate namespaces, so they remain isolated while being published by the same Traefik Proxy instance.

Enhanced namespace support empowers those using HashiCorp products to integrate Traefik Proxy into their technology stacks. If you are a Consul Enterprise user looking to use an ingress, you can now integrate Traefik Proxy to your existing deployment.

HashiCorp Nomad Provider

June has been quite a busy month for us here at Traefik Labs. Not only have we announced the launch of Traefik Hub beta, but we have also worked closely with the HashiCorp Nomad team after the release of the native service discovery in Nomad Version 1.3. Traefik Proxy is now the first ingress and reverse proxy that integrates natively with the new Nomad Service Discovery introduced. With Traefik Proxy 2.8, users can benefit from built-in support for HashiCorp Nomad that improves direct usability — in test environments and at the edge.

Exposing an application in Nomad with Traefik Proxy is now simple and straightforward. This config snippet demonstrates how to use Traefik Proxy tags to define the exposing rule with Nomad.

service {
      name = "whoami-demo"
      port = "http"
      provider = "nomad"

      tags = [

There’s lots more to learn here. For a detailed explanation and step-by-step examples of how to take advantage of this support, read Traefik Proxy Now Fully Integrates with HashiCorp Nomad.

Traefik Hub integration

Traefik Hub is our brand new cloud native networking platform that helps you instantly publish, secure, and scale containers at the edge. It introduces a unique gateway into all your services running on Kubernetes and Docker. Traefik Hub is a free, out-of-the-box solution that simplifies cloud native networking complexity for development teams by offering an easy-to-use interface and advanced features, such as one-click service publication, secure tunnels, automated certificate management, flexible access control, and a centralized multi-cluster dashboard.

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Traefik Proxy 2.8 introduces the integration with Traefik Hub, which can be easily accessed from the Traefik Proxy dashboard.

To take advantage of the new integration, there is a minimal static configuration file to implement in Traefik Proxy:

  hub: true

hub: {}

    addRoutersLabels: true

Once updated, a restart will apply the Hub integration. You can now connect to Traefik Hub!  Create an account using your email address, GitHub, or Google account, install the Traefik Hub agent on your platform, let Traefik Hub discover your services, and publish them. It’s that simple.

Don’t forget to sign up for our webinar Traefik Hub: How to Publish and Secure Your Containers Instantly which will take place on July 7. We will walk you through how to use Traefik Hub to publish and secure your services running on private clusters.

Traefik Pilot is being deprecated

Traefik Labs was founded with the understanding that we could only launch a great product by listening to what our community has to say. We are beyond thankful for the many conversations we’ve been having with our Traefik Pilot users over the last few months. We created Traefik Hub by paying close attention to the feedback articulated by our users, customers, and community members.

With the launch of Traefik Hub, we are today deprecating Traefik Pilot. Traefik Pilot will continue to function normally for now and will be removed when the next version of Traefik Proxy is released in a few months.

To those using Traefik Pilot’s plugins, we will be moving them to a new home. A new plugin catalog will be launched as a standalone service in July and will be accessible with an updated configuration scheme in Traefik Proxy. Plugins will be easier to use than ever. More information about the new catalog is coming, so stay tuned!

We also encourage all Traefik Pilot users to create their Traefik Hub account to take advantage of all the new features it has to offer. We can’t wait to hear your feedback.

Relevant information can be found on the Deprecation Notices page.

Next steps

Traefik Proxy 2.8 brings powerful new features that we are stoked for you to tap into. Expanded support for Consul namespaces and native integration with the new Nomad Service Discovery will allow you to use the Hashicorp technology stack more easily alongside Traefik Proxy deployments. The integration with Traefik Hub will make it straightforward to publish and secure your containers at the edge instantly.

As always, a big thank you goes to our community of users, contributors, and maintainers. Traefik Proxy would not be where it is today without your ongoing trust. We are eager to hear from you and are keeping our eyes and ears open. To learn more about Traefik Proxy 2.8, check out the release notes, and our documentation pages, and don’t forget to visit the Forum for all the latest community topics.

Level up Your API GameJoin our webinar and learn how an API gateway enables API-first development in a cloud native world.Register Today

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