Pilot - The Control Center for Traefik

The Control Center for Traefik

Monitoring and management platform for Traefik.

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What is Traefik Pilot?

Traefik Pilot is a platform that centrally manages all Traefik instances running in any environment.

Traefik Pilot provides observability and control of your Traefik instances through a unified dashboard, instantly equipping teams with detailed networking metrics, server monitoring, and security notifications.

Traefik Pilot also hosts a public plugins hub for custom middleware plugins, enabling traffic shaping, traffic QoS, traffic rate limiting, and more.

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Traefik Pilot delivers an entirely new approach to network management in the cloud. Undoubtedly, one of the enormous strengths of Pilot is its modularity, allowing the community to extend its functionality.

Teddy Ferdinand,Cloud Security Architect at WeScale

Traefik Pilot Features

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Register, visualize and monitor all your Traefik instances in one place

  • Centralized view of all your Traefik instances running in any deployment
  • Visualize networking metrics for each and all Traefik servers, including as Requests per Second, Total Requests, and Request Duration
  • Real-time health monitoring of the Traefik services

Receive security vulnerability updates for your registered instances

  • Built-in heartbeat mechanism checks-in with Pilot periodically to report the health and availability of your Traefik instance
  • Automatically check for common vulnerabilities and exposure (CVE) bulletins that apply to your Traefik installation and configuration
  • Alerting and issues notification through email or custom webhooks configuration

Build, use, and share your own custom extensions to Traefik’s functionality

  • Extend the capabilities of Traefik with add-on packages that allow you to apply transformations and enhancements to both requests and responses, which are handled by Traefik (network filtering, dynamic URL rewrites, and more)
  • Write, publish, and share your custom plugins with the community
  • Install middleware plugins directly from the catalog to your Traefik instances

Pilot Benefits

  • Ensure security compliance

    Ensure security compliance

    Audit and validate Traefik instance are up to date with real time CVE notifications

  • Complete visibility of your instances in one place

    Complete visibility of your instances in one place

    Always-on monitoring and alerts for all your Traefik instances running any on-premise or cloud deployment across multiple availability zones and geographies.

  • Customize your Traefik experience

    Customize your Traefik experience

    Tailor Traefik to your needs with custom middleware plugins

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