Easy Ingress Management on the Edge with K3s lightweight Kubernetes and Traefik

K3s and Traefik are partnering to speed up cloud native applications deployment.

K3s, by Rancher, is the best way to have a lightweight, fully CNCF conformant Kubernetes cluster running on diverse infrastructures, including possible IoT appliances such as Raspberry Pis.

K3s starts in seconds thanks to its light weight nature. As it adds some components to the cluster automatically, k3s is very easy to use and therefore very accessible for new users. One of these components is Traefik, which is deployed in a k3s cluster as the default Ingress Controller.

Traefik Proxy is a cloud-native dynamic reverse proxy. Its purpose is to route incoming requests to all your services deployed on your platform. Traefik is able to observe different container technologies such as Docker or Kubernetes to auto-configure itself.

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