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Traefik Labs and HashiCorp Partner to Strengthen Ingress for Nomad

Traefik Proxy provides Nomad users a proven and easy alternative to the complexity of Kubernetes Networking

SAN FRANCISCO, June 15, 2022– Traefik Labs, the creator of the popular open source Traefik Proxy, today announced that it has partnered with HashiCorp, Inc., a leading provider of multi-cloud infrastructure automation software, to build an integration to simplify ingress in HashiCorp Nomad.

HashiCorp Nomad is a simple and flexible scheduler and orchestrator used to deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-premises and cloud infrastructure at scale. Until now, using ingress required setting up third-party tools with manual configuration to handle routing and ongoing management.

“HashiCorp and Traefik Labs share the same DNA — open source companies with widely-used open source solutions,” said Emile Vauge, CEO and founder, Traefik Labs. “We are very excited about this partnership because a lot of our users are also HashiCorp users and this integration gives them a solid and easy alternative to the complexity of Kubernetes. Now users can do more with the solution they already know and love.”

With the latest versions of Nomad and Traefik Proxy, it’s easier than ever to deliver load balancing, dynamic routing configuration, and ingress traffic routing using the new Nomad provider to deliver resilient and efficient cloud native networking.

"At HashiCorp, our goal is to solve for workflows, which includes supporting a broad ecosystem of solutions and integrations that our customers use,” said Mike Nomitch, product manager for Nomad at HashiCorp. “We have many Nomad customers using Traefik for ingress and the integration coming in 2.8 will allow them to easily integrate Traefik with Nomad's built-in service discovery capabilities."

Traefik Labs developed the most popular cloud native ingress and reverse proxy, overcoming the limitations of traditional solutions which lack features like service discovery, dynamic configuration, and routing automation — all of which are important to address the highly dynamic nature of microservices architectures.

To learn more about the integration and its value, read this blog post, or join the HashiConf Europe session “Nomad: Past, Present, and Future,” on Tuesday, June 21, and visit the Hashicorp Nomad booth for a demo. You can also register for the upcoming webinar “Simplify Networking in Nomad with the New Traefik Integration” on June 30, 2022.

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