Traefik 1.2 Morbier is out!

After 4 months of hard work, we are proud to announce a new release of Traefik: version 1.2.0, codename Morbier.

The full changelog can be found here but here are some new features we want to highlight:

Amazon EC2 Container Service

Thanks to Luke Petre, Traefik now supports Amazon EC2 Container Service. This is a great news for AWS fans who need more than an ELB/ALB to manage their inbound traffic.


Finally, Traefik gets native Rancher support! Thank you Manuel Laufenberg! It is now a lot simpler to have a specific configuration backend right into Traefik.


A lot of people were waiting for it, thanks to Alberto Garcial, native Prometheus support is now real :) This allows you to export internal metrics to Prometheus using a simple flag —web.metrics.prometheus. More internal metrics will be added soon!

Netflix Eureka

Eureka is the service registry taken from the Netflix OSS stack. Traefik now supports Eureka as a configuration backend thanks to Julien Salleyron!


Another long awaited feature, healthchecks are here! Again, thanks to Julien Salleyron. A health check can be configured in order to remove a backend from LB rotation as long as it keeps returning HTTP status codes other than 200 OK.

Grab the latest binary for Linux, Windows, Mac on Github or get the official Docker image!

docker pull traefik:v1.2.0
docker pull traefik:morbier
docker pull traefik:v1.2.0-alpine
docker pull traefik:morbier-alpine

The documentation can be found on

In case you missed it, we just raised $1M :) You can expect a lot of new features in the coming months, as well as background work. Of course, all this will be done involving the community as much as possible.

Traefik is still growing fast, we just passed 7k stars on Github and 3.5M downloads! The maintainer team gains 2 more maintainers, Thomas Recloux & Timo Reimann 👋!

We would love to hear your feedback on this new release. Join us on GitHub, Twitter or on the Community Forum!