Naologic Selects Traefik to Effortlessly Scale Networking to Meet Fast Business Growth

About Naologic

Naologic is an end-to-end business management solution that allows service providers to manage their teams, finances, and integrate products. Their low-code Software as a Service ERP platform provides wholesale and B2B e-commerce companies with the ability to configure and deploy custom ERP systems with just a few clicks.


Naologic empowers customers to build customizable and scalable ERP systems without the complexity of building functionalities such as searching, invoicing, order processing, and reporting.

Their main offering, the back-office builder (BOB), is an online editor used to create powerful applications without the need to write code.

To deliver the platform performance necessary for their customers, Naologic built their infrastructure in a highly elastic and dynamic manner, running on three clusters, with over 100 nodes total. The entire software platform is managed and deployed automatically using Kubernetes, and a Gitlab build pipeline, relying on open source solutions as a fundamental part of the CI/CD toolchain.


In order to service the growing customer base, Naologic uses a managed platform that continuously launches thousands of automated, secure systems with complex configurations behind SSL-capable proxies. At any given time, 20 to 40 ports may be opened for microservices communications (WebSockets, HTTP), using multiple Docker networks. Before implementing Traefik, Naologic was using NGINX and constrained by the sheer volume of configuration changes requiring frequent restarts (causing connection drops), making for an increasingly complex and time-consuming process.


In order to simplify the  maintenance of their large scale microservice infrastructure, the team at Naologic decided to move the entire platform to Kubernetes with Traefik as their Ingress Controller for managing routing and load balancing of their applications.

“The ease of implementation with Traefik saved us over 1,000 engineering hours. The biggest win was being able to launch new developer environments within days instead of weeks.” - Gabriel Paunescu, CEO

As an additional benefit, Traefik’s auto-discovery feature, with the ability to seamlessly forward Docker network configurations into Traefik, has allowed them to streamline efforts when deploying Docker containers using temporary DNS configurations with their build tool. Since Naologic is operating multiple platforms, including Docker Swarm and Kubernetes, Traefik’s universal approach to configuration means they no longer have to maintain independent routing solutions for their various environments.

Bottom Line

Implementing Traefik at Naologic saved them over a thousand hours of engineering time, and eliminated time-consuming manual configuration of NGINX. With this new combination, Naologic is ready and capable of meeting the high-projected growth that they envision for the future.

What’s Next?