Announcing General Availability of Traefik Enterprise Edition

April 18, 2019

Traefik Made Distributed

Containous Inc, the company behind the popular open source cloud native edge router, Traefik, is proud to announce the general availability of Traefik Enterprise Edition, a new platform built on top of Traefik, designed for business-critical deployments.

In just three years, Traefik, the Cloud Native Edge Router, has become a key player in microservices infrastructures. With more than 21,000 stars on Github and 650,000,000 downloads on DockerHub, Traefik is widely used by major companies in their production environments.

In the latter part of 2018, Containous released the early access of TraefikEE to a select group of users, allowing them to refine the software. Today, Containous is proud to announce that TraefikEE has reached the 1.0 milestone, and is ready for production.


TraefikEE is built on top of Traefik and adds clustering features to satisfy the needs of enterprise customers. All Traefik concepts apply to TraefikEE, so if you’re already a Traefik user, you’re in familiar territory.

It runs on the edge of your platform to route the traffic to your applications, and is composed of two elements:

  • The data plane: horizontally scalable nodes, which forwards ingress traffic to your services
  • The control plane: distributed nodes, implementing the raft consensus, which watch your platform and its services, store topology changes, and reconfigure the data plane to adapt ingress routing dynamically

A TraefikEE cluster natively supports raft consensus between control nodes to safely store and replicate configurations. No external Key-Value Store nor third-party tool needed.

This distributed architecture is the cornerstone of TraefikEE’s strengths: natively highly available, scalable and secure.

Here is a 5 minute introduction video of TraefikEE:


Start your free trial with TraefikEE today. Visit our website at, and get your trial license key in less than a minute!

Our documentation and our awesome CLI will help you bootstrap a TraefikEE cluster within a second. You can even request a demo on our website to set up a session with the core team.

Don’t hesitate to talk to our sales team, they will find the best way to help your company deploying a powerful edge routing solution.

Traefik Stays Open

TraefikEE is built on top of Traefik, that means that Traefik continues to evolve and will stay open source. Nothing changes! We are firm believers in open source, and Traefik will continue to be our main priority and a community-driven project. We are working on significant changes to Traefik, and recently have shared details on the Traefik 2.0 roadmap and released the first alphas. We won’t lie saying it’s going to be huge.

About Containous

Containous is the company that supports the development of Traefik, the popular open source cloud native edge router. Traefik is widely used around the globe with over 650 million downloads. Containous brings the future of software architecture by offering the most powerful tools to ease the deployment of your modern IT environments.

Find out more about Containous at and follow @containous on Twitter.

With this new product, Containous continues to innovate and define new ways to access microservice platforms, pushing the limits of automation and scalability.

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