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Application Proxy

When DevOps and platform engineering teams need to simplify and automate the discovery, routing, and load balancing of microservices and virtual machines, an application proxy is a great choice. Our application proxy is fully-declarative, highly-performant, and can handle a diverse set of application environments.
  • Services Auto Discovery
  • Lightweight & Cloud-Native
  • Advanced Load Balancing (Canary, Blue/Green, etc.)
  • Fully Declarative & GitOps Operating Model
  • Integrates with all Major Orchestrators
  • Coraza Web Application Firewall (WAF)
Traefik Proxy Diagram

API Gateway

When security and centralized control become priorities, teams need to upgrade to an API gateway. Upgrade our application proxy seamlessly to a fully declarative, highly scalable, enterprise-grade API gateway with out-of-the-box integrations with leading AuthN, AuthZ, and Key management solutions.
  • Includes All Application Proxy Capabilities +
  • Centralized Control & Governance
  • Authentication and Authorization (OIDC, OAuth, etc.)
  • Distributed Security Features (Let’s Encrypt, Rate Limiting, etc.)
  • Enterprise-grade Key Management (HashiCorp Vault & Azure Key Vault)
  • API Gateway illustration

    API Management

    As API lifecycle management becomes a priority, teams need additional capabilities beyond what API gateways can provide. Seamlessly add the control plane and API lifecycle management capabilities to your existing Traefik deployment. Our API management is fully-declarative, highly intuitive, and highly customizable, delivering differentiated experiences for API consumers and publishers.
  • Includes All API Gateway Capabilities +
  • Centralized Control Plane with Distributed API Gateway Data Plane
  • API Discovery, Collections, & Versioning
  • API Linting (for Breaking Changes & Error Detection)
  • API Granular Access Control
  • API Usage, Monitoring, & Observability
  • API Management illustration

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