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Traefik Enterprise is a unified API Gateway and Ingress that simplifies the discovery, security, and deployment of APIs and microservices. The GitOps way.

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Watch a Video Demo of Traefik Enterprise

See how our unified API Gateway and Ingress makes it easy to:

  • Share API access to select partners & end users
  • Authenticate users via turnkey OIDC and JWT middleware
  • Rate limit to enforce fair usage & guard against DDoS attacks
  • Encrypt communication between client apps & the API gateway
  • Share API specs with partners for effective collaboration
  • Monitor API consumption

Why Customers Choose Traefik Enterprise

Unified and Extensible

Traefik Enterprise combines an API gateway and ingress while being fully extensible with plugins and integrations, so teams can simplify their architectures and add capabilities with minimal effort.

Simple and Automated

By simplifying and automating tedious manual tasks, Traefik Enterprise helps teams delegate more to the API gateway, ensure consistency, and increase productivity.

Works Anywhere

Traefik Enterprise is infrastructure, architecture, and orchestrator agnostic, so it helps teams secure and scale services today and into the future.

Key Capabilities of Traefik Enterprise

Built on developers' #1 open source API gateway, Traefik Enterprise helps Developers, DevOps, Platform Engineers, and SREs in the following ways:

Reduce Complexity and Increase Extensibility

Traefik Enterprise centralizes access control and traffic management to simplify teams’ workflows while making it easy to add advanced capabilities (rate limiting, distributed Let’s Encrypt, etc.) through turnkey middleware, custom plugins, and third-party integrations.

  • Access Control: OIDC, LDAP, JWT, HMAC, & OAuth2
  • Protocols: HTTP, HTTP/2, TCP, UDP, Websockets, gRPC
  • Distributed Let’s Encrypt
  • HashiCorp Vault integration
  • Middlewares (circuit breakers, retries, buffering, etc.)
  • Go-based plugin catalog & custom plugin support (No Lua)
Reduce Complexity, Increase Security
Drive Productivity with Cloud Native Automation

Boost Productivity with Cloud Native Automation

Dynamic configuration, automated service discovery and routing, flexible rate limiting, and high availability features enable application teams to deploy quickly with zero downtime and ensure peak performance and availability.

  • Dynamic configuration & service discovery
  • Traffic mirroring
  • Blue / Green & Canary deployments
  • Active health checks
  • Distributed rate limiting & MaxInflight request limiting
  • High availability & disaster recovery

Adapt to Your Evolving Infrastructure

Because Traefik Enterprise is compatible with any environment—whether cloud, legacy, or hybrid—application teams can adopt new technologies and services quickly.

  • Centralized control & data planes
  • Automatic configuration & route syncing
  • Infrastructure & orchestrator agnostic
  • Hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, & on-prem compatible
  • Two-layered routing for centralized multi-cluster networking
  • Progressive migration & deployment
Adapt to Your Evolving Infrastructure
Ensure Consistency, Repeatability, and Scalability

Ensure Consistency, Repeatability, and Scalability

By automating tedious manual configurations and keeping your ecosystem up-to-date with your GitOps repository, Traefik Enterprise saves application teams time, increases consistency, and allows them to be more productive.

  • Automated service discovery & configuration
  • Dynamic routing to correct endpoints
  • Distributed rate limiting
  • Circuit breaker protection
  • IP whitelisting & blacklisting
  • Automatic application of Git configuration changes
  • Auditable record of changes over time

Protect Your SLAs and SLOs

Clearly understand the flow of traffic, service dependencies, and where to prioritize team efforts to troubleshoot issues and protect your SLAs and SLOs.

  • Cluster-wide dashboard
  • Proxy health checks
  • Distributed tracing (Jaeger, Open Tracing, Zipkin)
  • Support for real-time monitoring (Datadog, Grafana, InfluxDB, Prometheus, StatsD)
  • Embedded caches
  • Developer portal with OpenAPI (Swagger) support
Protect Your SLAs and SLOs

Get Help When You Need It

While Traefik Enterprise is built to ensure uptime, our team of experts is here for you 24/7/365. Additionally, we provide extensive resources to help beginners and experts master Traefik in all use cases.

  • 24/7/365 Global Support
  • Onboarding
  • Documentation
  • Community
  • Traefik Academy

Ready to See it In Action? Watch the Demo.

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