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Front-end Developer

Full Time

Traefik Labs is a VC-backed company that develops simple and future-proof cloud-native networking solutions for modern IT environments. The company’s popular open-source projects include Traefik, the cloud-native application proxy with more than 3 billion downloads and used by the world’s largest web companies. Traefik Labs’ mission is to simplify cloud-native adoption for all enterprises.

We value openness and trust. We believe that simpler is better, that Open Source is superior, and that community drives innovation!

The Position

We are looking for a front-end developer with experience in developing complex and dynamic web interfaces. He or she will bring his or her expertise to improve and build with our team the visible elements of our innovative solutions, helping our users and customers manage distributed architectures leveraging our products.

The front-end developer will integrate one of our feature teams consisting of talented engineers who have experience in building and maintaining Traefik, one of the most popular open-source solutions in the infrastructure landscape, and Hub, our cloud native networking platform.

He or she has developed a passion for making complex systems look deceptively simple and will continuously look for improvements. He or she will participate in designing, developing, and maintaining the UI of our products to ensure the best user experience.

The front-end developer will play a key role in features early design and help improve our technology, solving complex problems to introduce new cutting-edge ideas to our product line.


  • 5+ years experience building dynamic applications with React, Next JS, and TypeScript
  • Passionate about open-source software, cloud computing, and distributed systems
  • Extensive knowledge and understanding of what makes a great user experience
  • Team player looking for contributing to the company success
  • Experience with UI unit testing and integration tests


Worldwide. While we practice remote working, the team regularly meets in real life; the ambition is international – as is our user base – and the missions require various levels of international traveling.

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